Red Gemstones

Browse through our selection of custom cut Red gemstones below. Click the photo of a colored gemstone you are interested in to view more information about that stone.

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Pink Sapphire
Cabochon Cut (Sold)
Pink Sapphire gemstone
Orangish Red Sapphire
Starbrite™ Cut
Orangish Red Sapphire gemstone
Rhodolite Garnet
Starbrite™ Cut (Sold)
 Rhodolite Garnet gemstone
Red Orange Sapphire
Starbrite™ Cut
Red Orange Sapphire gemstone
Spessartite Garnet
Super Trillion™ Cut (Sold)
 Spessartite Garnet gemstone
Red Spinel
Radiant Style Cut (Sold)
Red Spinel gemstone
Gypsy Rose Garnet
Radiant Style Cut (Sold)
 Gypsy Rose Garnet gemstone
Salmon Pink Sapphire
Starbrite™ Cut
Salmon Pink Sapphire gemstone
Fancy Tourmaline
SunBurst™ Cut (Sold)
Fancy Tourmaline gemstone
Gypsy Rose Garnet
Regal Radiant™ Cut (Sold)
 Gypsy Rose Garnet gemstone
Rubelite Tourmaline
Dreamscape™ Cut (Sold)
 Rubelite Tourmaline gemstone

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