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Fancy Cut Citrine
Leaf Shaped Blue Green Tourmaline
Dreamscape aquamarine
Radial ray cut rhodolite
Cushion cut blue sapphire
Dreamscape cut lime citrine
Pink tourmaline oval cut
Fancy cut ametrine

Features of Our Gems

As well as supplying you with first rate, unique gemstones we also provide you with marketing tools to help you re-sell our gems in your own creative jewelry pieces (see our Jewelry Design Gallery).  Our marketing tools make our gemstones stand out from the rest in the following ways:  

Crown Ring by Krikawa

Material & Cutting

  • We use high grade materials which are carefully considered before cutting in order to make the best and most creative use of the gemstone rough.  This results in a variety of unique shapes and designs.                                                   

John Dyer Award Winning 
Citrine AGTA 2007

JD Logo 

  • Once the gemstone is cut we engrave our JD trademark logo¹ below the girdle. This logo stands as a mark of excellence in faceting.  This branding reinforces how special the gem is, the fact that it came from award-winner John Dyer's workshop, and shows the customer that we feel it is a piece of art worthy of our signature.

JD logo
Bio Cards
  • These cards provide information about John, his reputation in gemstone faceting and his awards.  To see an online version click here.  To download a printable bio card click here.  
John Dyer Bio Card 

¹Some of our gems do not have a logo engraved on them because it would detract from the overall appearance of the gem or to maintain anonymity if we are planning to enter the gemstone in a cutting competition.

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